Hand crafted using gem quality stone inlay and beautiful exotic woods!  A Nostipinde is an old Scandnavian ball winder.  It allows you to wind a center pull ball and is a lovely addition to any knitters bag!  Please allow 5 business days for custom fabrication.

Paudauk and Malachite:

Paudauk & Malachite Nostipinde:

$39.99        [wp_cart:Padauk & Malachite Nostipinde:price:39.99:end]

Purpleheart and Turquoise:

Purpleheart & Turquoise Nostipinde:

$39.99        [wp_cart:Purpleheart & Turquoise Nostipinde:price:39.99:end]

Cocobolo and Malachite:

Cocobolo & Malachite Nostipinde:

$44.99        [wp_cart:Cocobolo & Malachite Nostipinde:price:44.99:end]

Curly Maple & Lapis Lazuli:

Curly Maple and Lapis Nostipinde:

$39.99        [wp_cart:Curly Maple & Lapis Nostipinde:price:39.99:end]

Curly Maple and Azurite:



Curly Maple & Azurite Nostipinde:

$39.99        [wp_cart:Curly Maple & Azurite Nostipinde:price:39.99:end]

Curly Maple and Malachite:

Curly Maple & Malachite Nostipinde:

$39.99        [wp_cart:Curly Maple & Malachite Nostipinde:price:39.99:end]