We work with a variety of woods, from maple to ebony, and everything in between. We carry new items in our store, and the inventory changes frequently. Here are some examples of past crochet hooks:


Size J Cocobolo crochet hook with hand carved ivy vines inlaid with malachite, topped with sterling and malachite.


Size I curly maple chrochet hook. Hand carved dragonflies inlaid with malachite and chrysacola. The top is done in sterling and turquoise.


Size I Gabon Ebony crochet hook with sterling silver, pearl and petite garnet.


Size J chrochet hook with hand carved barley-twist top in Dymondwood. (Yes, this is sustainably harvested as well! The wood is made by a couple in Wisconsin.) A swirl of color!


Size I Zebrawood crochet hook with sterling and amethyst.


Crochet hook in curly maple with hand carved Kokopeli inlaid with turquoise. Turquoise and sterling top.


Crochet Hook in purpleheart, sterling silver and Amethyst Swarovski Crystal.