Learn to Spin Kits

Learn to Spin with our Drop Spindle kit! The kit contains one beginners top whorl drop spindle and 2 ounces of Friendz Blendz roving.  The spindle is rim weighted for a slower but longer spin and is notched.

Friendz Blendz is 50% wool and 50% Mohair. I love to recommend this mix for folks learning to spin. It’s a great blend to learn on! The long, silky staple length of the mohair makes learning to draft a breeze! Mohair has no barbs on the fiber to resist drafting, but there are just enough barbs on the wool to prevent the single from “breaking” and holds the yarn together without offering up to much resistance. As you draft, the fiber slides over itself with ease. It’s so much easier to learn on than straight wool! And once you learn on it, you’ll be hooked on it! Mohair takes up dye like a bomb, and the luster is gorgeous! But the 50% wool gives the blend enough elasticity for projects like mittens, socks and hats!

If you fall in love with Friendz Blendz colorways like I did, you can purchase more at Friends Folly Farm at  www.friendsfollyfarm.com.

Happy spinning!

Learn to Spin Kit in “Inflation Red”:  $22.00

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Learn to Spin Kit in “Northern Lights”:  $22.00

[wp_cart:Learn to Spin Kit in Northern Lights:price:22.00:end]

Learn to Spin Kit in “Morning Glory”:  $22.00

[wp_cart:Learn to Spin Kit in Morning Glory:price:22.00:end]

Learn to Spin Kit in “Woodlands”:  $22.00

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